Applied NeuroKnowledge

The Wild Animals Experiment:

Eliciting and Measuring Emotional Response

Eliciting Emotional Response

Why choose Wild Animal photos for stimulus material?  It simplifies neural-processing demands, isolating emotional response and minimizing cognitive overlay to the extent possible. Wild Animals meet our needs for generating intrinsic emotional responses.
  • Inherently engaging: Wild Animals run the gambit from endearing  to terrifying
  • Flexible emotional content: type of shot, interaction between pairs
  • Familiar: known without identification, words, or graphics
  • Impersonal: no farm animals or pets
  • Unfettered: no marketing or purchase history

The choice of uncomplicated Wild Animal photos provides transparency of our own responses. This emotional self-awareness gives us a unique opportunity to compare our own sense of positive and negative Valence to that measured by Facial Action Coding.